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Torque Recommendations for Titanium Bolts

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Tightening Torque Recommendations for Titanium Bolts

Tightening moment “M” for Titanium GRADE 5 and Aluminum 7075 Bolts

Bolt diameter Titan. GR5 M (Nm) Al 7075 M (Nm)
M3 1.73 0.75
M4 3.57 1.50
M5 6.90 3.00
M6 11.10 5.20
M8 28.30 12.30
M10 57.60 25.00
M12 97.50 42.40
M14 155.20 67.50
M16 235.70 102.50

The values shown in the table are recommended values that can help to prevent undersized or too high torques, wich could lead to loosening or breakage and warpage.


TOP TITANIUM strongly recommends that you seek the advice of a professional when fitting any titanium bolts. You are entirely responsible for ensuring any titanium bolts are correctly fitted and TOP TITANIUM shall not be liable for any damage or harm that is as a result of you having fitted the titanium bolt without having sought such advice or for any incorrectly fitted titanium bolt.

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